Monday, January 2, 2012

About Mabel

What kind of dog is Mabel?
Mabel is a purebred boston terrier.

Where did you get her from?
Mabel is from a breeder in California that has been raising boston terriers for over 20 years. They are very knowledgeable and sweet people who are dedicated to bettering the breed. If you would like to learn which breeder I used, please feel free to email me. 

Do you have any tips for raising a brand new puppy?
Yes! I would highly recommend crate training. Not only does this help with the potty training process, but it gives them a safe place to stay when you have to leave your home to go out. It keeps them out of trouble and also makes them feel comfortable. But you have to introduce them to crate in the right way so they won't be scared or hate it. Click here to learn how.

Also, you have to be very consistent with potty training. We live in a third floor apartment and we got a roll of sod from Home Depot to use on the patio instead of pee pads. This gave Mabel some consistency with grass = potty and made the transition from potty training on the patio to going outside on walks much easier.

And finally, don't get angry if they have an accident inside. This will cause them to be afraid of you and they may try to hide their accidents. I'd rather she did it in front of me so I can quickly move her to the right place and address the problem immediately. 

What are some of the things she loves?
Mabel loves playing with Monty, meeting new people, and chewing on tennis balls.

What are some of the things she dislikes?
Mabel gets mad when I pick her up and she's in the middle of something. She makes this annoyed growl at me like a typical girl who would talk back lol. She also hates when we leave her in the crate to go out somewhere without her. 

I want to get a puppy dog. Do you have any advice?
Do your research! Know what kind of health problems are prone to certain breeds so you know what to expect, because more than likely you will have to deal with health problems in purebreds. I would recommend checking out a rescue first before pursuing a breeder. And know that getting a new puppy, supplies, and all their health checks, shots, spaying and neutering will easily cost well over $1500.

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