Monday, September 19, 2011

A great place to buy dog stuff!

Mom bought me a few new toys, some sweaters and a jacket from this wholesale pet supply website called Pet Edge and she wanted to share it with you. Everything is really super affordable and there's tons of cute things to choose from. The only thing that is stinky is that because it's wholesale, there is a service fee added to your total so by the time you tack on that fee plus shipping it's an extra 12$-14$. But mom thinks it's totally worth it because of the huge selection and cuteness of their, clothes, collars, grooming and training supplies too.

Maybe you'll find something for your fur kid over there!

Here's just a screenshot of some jackets for sale.
Mom got me the 2nd one in the top row and the 1st one in the bottom row.

And you can bet she'll make me model everything for you!


  1. I love Pet Edge! Don't tell the boys but that is where Santa likes to do a lot of his puppy/kitty shopping! ;oD

  2. oh awesome. thanks monty. will definitely look into this site :D my ladies need new jackets for sure.