Thursday, February 23, 2012

Puppy naps

Mabel just passed her doggie daycare evaluation and now they are sunbathing on the deck. It's been GORGEOUS here the last few days. It's around 72 degrees and perfect. Every time the wind blows, a bunch of those sweet gum tree seed-pod thingys come flying off the tree pelting the little sleeping angels but they don't seem to mind too much ;) I freakin hate that tree though. In the fall the leaves pile up on the deck. The winter brings the stupid seed pods and the spring brings yellow pollen.


  1. They are SO adorable. What a perfect pairing of pups. ( perfect it needed an alliteration to describe it.)

  2. How crazy fast is Mabel growing! She almost looks bigger than Monty. It is sweet how they cuddle. Makes me want to get Crockett a baby sister.

  3. aaawwww they wuv each other. Too cute!

    one of my fave smells (it's kinda gross!) is the way puppies smell after they've laid out in the sun. Weird right?